Security Label

Used mainly for brand protection, security label protects the uniqueness and authenticity of products. Useful ine the computer, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, healthcare industries, they can also be used for consumerism protection planning. Hence they are most suitable and popular among brand owners and government offices.

  • PROTECT products’ uniqueness and authenticity.
  • A product that is suitable for campaigns relating to protecting consumers. They are mostly used by brand owners and governments.
  • Also popular among the pharmaceutical, computer, IT consumables, cosmetics, healthcare and other industries.
Security Labels
number-1 QR Code

2D code that enables users to directly access to the product authentication website by scanning with a barcode scanning application on their device.

number-2 Invisible Ink

Special ink that can only be viewed under UV Light. Red invisible ink is used for this label.

number-3 Pin Number

Special numbers that are used during the product authentication process.

number-4 Serial Number

Alpha numerical numbers that are printed on the label which expands from small to big.

number-5 Heat Sensitive Ink

Ink that will fade when heated at specific temperature. There are multiple ranges of temperature that could be set based on specific requirement from users. For this label, the specific temperature is set to 31° Celcius.

number-6 Germany Blue Lilac OCI with Laser Verification

New technology that originally comes from Germany where the ink will not only change colour when it is viewed from different angle but also show a green dot on its surface when a specific laser is pointed at it during the laser verification process.

number-7 Microseal

Technology that involves embedding a very small, 0.0045μm² arrangement is random and can be embedded onto labels, vouchers or even certificates. Very hard to duplicate.

number-8 Photochromic

Photochromic ink is a special ink made to protect users from counterfeiting. It darkens as its exposure time to UV light increases. The change of color takes place according to the UV light level. In other words, the longer its exposure time to the UV light, the darker it becomes and vice versa.


Security Label Samples

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